Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial – Three Top Tips to Become Wealthy


Wish to become rich? Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial will tell you how. Read on and get ready to turn your dreams into a reality.


Tip #1

 Analyze your financial condition. This will enlighten you on your current finances and problems lurking behind the scenes. Making small investments in the beginning is the key to becoming wealthy. Utilize your debt leverage to raise returns. Advisors like Ken Brackett help you look for alternative investments. It’s common sense that you must not put all your eggs in one basket. So, plan wisely and invest your hard-earned dollars at more than one place.


The road to riches demands a change in lifestyle. Nobody, not even Kenneth Brackett, is telling you to relinquish the small luxuries of life. You can indulge, of course; but with caution. Mindless expenditure purchases can lead you to financial doom. You’ll be surprised to know that just a few changes in your spending habit can save you bundles of dollars. For example, you may cut down on eating out from three times a week to once a week. You can resist the urge to splurge your entire paycheck on that designer dress (Do it later when you have built some wealth). You can buy items with lighter price tags and still make a style statement. You must know how! When you’re determined toward you goal of wealth accumulation, it happens!


Tip #2

Prioritize you expenses. Do you really need two brand watches? You can easily do without changing your entire wardrobe every year. Plan a budget. This is one of the most effective tools to wealth management. If you don’t know how to create a good monthly budget, Lighthouse Financial is here to help you in this necessary task. (It is a necessary task indeed, because it prevents many people from outliving their assets).


Try this: take a sheet of paper and create two columns. The first one is for your sources of income and the second for expenses. Make a list in both columns. This activity reveals your discretionary expenses. Reality will strike you with how much you may be spending on unnecessary things! But, this is no time to regret. Let go and resolve not to repeat such unnecessary expenses. Take advice from Ken Brackett and others. Do this and you’ll notice an increase in your savings. Sometimes, small changes in life produce big results for the better.


Tip #3

Pay off your debts. We have seen so many financial futures doomed because of debts! This is one area where we can not procrastinate. There is absolutely no point in avoiding some planning because debt is going to stay and you cannot wish it away. For help in consolidation and budgeting, turn toward Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial. Consolidate your debts, convince your creditor for partial payments, reduce your monthly payment amount – do whatever, but work toward eliminating debts from your life. They can block your path toward riches.


It is not easy to accumulate wealth. It takes discipline, budgets, and living well below your means. With Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial by your side, you can manage your wealth intelligently.